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About Us

- pushing new ways of thinking -

The circle of life is something natural and should be embedded in our way of thinking & engaging with the world around us. Also in product design and resource allocation. 

Care + Circularity = Creativity 

We care about our planet. All products we use are carefully resourced, meaning that they are waste products and being reused, or sustainably resourced that have a regenerative purpose. We want to build a creative product: a Circular Sauna. This is a showcase that proofs the readiness for the sauna industry to transition into circular economy.

The wonderful side effect of this mobile Circular Sauna is that it brings us humans closer to nature and shows us the beauty of wellness. It's an immersive wellness experience that challenges our body to glow from within. Taking care of ourselves will enable us to take care of nature & people around us. 

We hope to enjoy a sauna gus with you in the near future! 

Inspiring regards, 

Eko & Anna

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about us: About Us
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