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noun, [səːkjəˈlarəti] 

a never-ending loop of cause and effect that can grow into different dimensions

Our philosophy

We want to positively contribute to human well-being while respecting nature and our resource consumption. 

Barbara Kiser described in a nature article (2016) "Circularity is at the core of eco-design, the production methodology in which waste is repurposed and environmental impacts such as raw-material use are reduced through reuse and recycling."

​William McDonough and Michael  Braungart (2002) defined the Cradle-to-Cradle design as a regenerative approach to design products. Circular Sauna uses the approach to create new sustainable value in a tangible product.

Nature provides us with resources that are multi-purposed without compromising on its quality. We want to show that materials from another industry can be re-purposed in an authentic eco-design that contribute to a circular economy.

We co-create sustainable innovations with our partners to push for a sustainable sauna experience. 

Let's be mindful & create value for people and nature!

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